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July 28, 2017
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Altty – Mr. Beef Cheeks LP Pre Order Pack


Pack contains:

  • Mr. Beef Cheeks CD
  • T Shirt
  • Mini Pizza box
  • Digital Download in 320kb mp3 or FLAC

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3 years after moving to the big smoke, The ever charismatic livewire Altty releases his debute L.P. Mr Beef Cheeks.

A year and a half in the making, this long awaited project is said to really show the truest version of Altty to date.

After the recent success of the beef cheeks trilogy, it was only fitting that his album followed the trend!

With bars heavier than Mr Beef Cheeks himself, This project see’s Altty bringing a diverse range of tracks to the dinner table.
From the humorous to the serious, there’s a proverbial buffet on offer and we’re sure you’ll be back for seconds.

Dig in!/Bon Rapper Tite/Eat up!

1. Chubby Beef Cheeks
2. Hip Hop Heads Ft Demolition
3. Please Forgive Me
4. Stand Tall Ft Shamus
5. Keep it Real
6. Mr Beef Cheeks
7. The Chaplain Ft Johniepee
8. Reason to Live
9. Amazing Grace Ft Josh Jones
10 Lost Boy Ft Josh Jones

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