Soma – Magnum Hopeless
June 14, 2017
OptiMystic - Day Of The Guiding Light
OptiMystic – Day Of The Guiding Light / Followed By The Shadow
July 28, 2017

Soma – Heartcore

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Soma is a UK born MC who moved out to Australia 8 years ago. Being well known in the Perth
hip hop community as a mainstay in the scene with over 100 live sets and several radio
appearances to his name, Soma is set to release his eagerly awaited debut album entitled
Heartcore. Heartcore is a highly personal album that demonstrates Soma�s trademark
introspective and at times cynical and surrealistic lyrical style. A wide and varied range of
production is provided by close affiliate Bipola, Perth hip hop legend Rob Shaker, new comer
Eddy Xtrackt and the person who has been labeled as the next M-Phazes of Australia, Creed
Birch. Soma tackles a wide range of topics on Heartcore including a
three part story of the start, peak and decline of a relationship, the seedy side of the
entertainment industry, his hometown and a companion piece about where he now resides,
plus several songs about his struggle to find happiness in a world he at times fails to understand.
The album features Perth hip hop giant Bitter Belief, Cortext, 32 Krew, Thorts, Kadyelle and
Enkae, with unique artwork from Australian hip hop icon Tomahawk of Clandestein.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. About Time
3. 32 Degrees (Feat Apprentice, Smiley, Verdikt & LSD)
4. Ruins Interlude
5. Lower Class Love Part 2.1: The Honeymoon Period
6. Happiness (Feat Kadyelle & Thorts)
7. The Mirror
8. That’s Life
9. On The Road
10. Neo Prostitution
11. Lower Class Love Part 2.2: The Death
12. The Cypher Years (Feat Enkae)
13. Song For Perth
14. Microphone Fencing (Feat Cortext & Bitter Belief)
15. Lower Class Love Part 2.3: Rebirth and Revelation
16. Song For Leeds