A.Saxon – Dear Listener
June 14, 2017
Soma – Heartcore
June 15, 2017

Soma – Magnum Hopeless


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For some time the Leeds-come-Perth emcee, Soma, has been people watching, and now it is his turn. Having found his rut in the emcee/producer duality, Soma has created a craft reminiscent of few but bearing a familiarity owing to dusty drum crunches and esoteric samples: the digitized blues with a bawdy English accent; a cinematic soundtrack for the downtrodden upstarts, the miserable romantics, the overlooked underclass. Soma trots a fine line between drunkard paranoia and insightful skeptic; somewhere between the brighter side of Charles Bukowski and the darker side of Alan Watts. There is a decade-long hunger lingering on the face of every line, and a tangible metaphor pulsing underneath. Off the back of his noteworthy debut, Heartcore, comes Magnum Hopeless (slated for release June 2017): Partially self-produced, the album also feature beats from Perth’s DJ Silence, Uncle Sam and Bipola, as well as Melburn mainstay Must Volkoff. Magnum Hopeless promises to be the sophomore of an emcee who has matured in style and substance, but isn’t willing to quieten down, he hasn’t had his say just yet. This is post-heartcore hip hop.


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